Absence rules

Being sick is annoying. You don't feel well. But you still have to take care of something. Because if you are sick, it is very important that you report sick as soon as possible to your immediate superior and to your employer (Flexpedia): at least 30 minutes before the (latest) time when you normally start work. You must report sick to Flexpedia before 10 a.m., by phone at023-2052408.  


So: call in sick before 10am to Flexpedia's absence office, call 023-2052408 and also report sick to your immediate supervisor as soon as possible.

Rules in case of sickness

1] Report sick to Flexpedia (your employer) before 10.00 a.m. 
2] Sick call can only be done by phone, reports by e-mail will not be processed. 
In any case, report sick to your immediate supervisor at least 30 minutes before the (latest) time at which you normally start work. 
4] In principle, you report sick yourself. Only if you are unable to do this, you can have someone else report you sick. 
5] If you become ill during working hours, you must report this personally to your immediate supervisor and to Flexpedia before you stop work and go home. 
6] If you believe that your illness and/or incapacity for work is the result of an industrial accident,report it immediately to your immediate supervisor, Employer (by) and recruitment partner. 
7] When you call in sick, you tell us how long you expect to be sick, where you will be during your illness (see Article 2, absence protocol), the phone number where you can be reached and the address and phone number of your primary care physician. And, if applicable, also that of the specialist treating you.
8] If you will be admitted to the hospital or a nursing facility, please also report how long you are likely to be in the hospital or nursing facility. If it is already known that you will be going to the hospital or nursing facility, please report this as soon as possible. 

Sickness pay

Please note: sickness payments take place once every four weeks on Monday. Depending on your bank, you will receive this payment on Monday or Tuesday. This also applies if different arrangements have been made for periodic salary payments. Payment of this benefit always takes place two weeks after the end of the period. In concrete terms, this means that week 1 to week 4 is transferred in week 6, and so on.


Period Weeknummers Uitbetaalweek ziektegeld
Periode 13 – 2023 49 t/m 52 2023 week 1 2023 (1 jan – 7 jan)
Periode 1 – 2024 1 t/m 4 2024 week 6 (5 feb – 11 feb)
Periode 2 5 until 8 week 10 (4 mrt – 10 mrt)
Periode 3 9 until 12 week 14 (1 april – 7 april)
Periode 4 13 until 16 week 18 (29 april – 5 mei)
Periode 5 17 until 20 week 22 (27 mei – 2 juni)
Periode 6 21 until 24 week 26 (24 jun – 30 jun)
Periode 7 25 until 28 week 30 (22 jul – 28 jul)
Periode 8 29 until 32 week 34 (19 aug – 25 aug)
Periode 9 33 until 36 week 38 (16 sept – 22 sept)
Periode 10 37 until 40 week 42 (14 okt – 20 okt)
Periode 11 41 until 44 week 46 (11 nov – 17  nov)
Periode 12 45 until 48 week 50 (9 dec – 15 dec )
Periode 13 49 until 52 week 1 2025 (30 dec – 5 jan)

Visiting company doctor

As soon as the Occupational Health and Safety Service or your Employer asks you to come to the consultation hour of the Occupational Health and Safety Service doctor, or to visit a specialist appointed by the Occupational Health and Safety Service, you do so. If you have good reason why you cannot do so (e.g. because you are not mobile), you report this to your Employer. The Occupational Health and Safety Service will then determine whether the reason is valid and whether the check-up/session can take place in another way or at another time. You may ask your Employer yourself for an appointment with the Working Conditions Service's company doctor if there is a valid reason for this. If the Arbodienst's company doctor determines that there was no good reason for it afterwards, the costs of the appointment will be charged to you and deducted from your salary.

Summary: what you should do when you are ill

  • Report sick to the Flexpedia Verzuimdeks via 023-2052408 before 10:00 in the morning.
  • Report how long you expect to be ill.
  • Report where you are staying during your illness so that we can reach you for your reintegration.
  • Make sure you are accessible. Check your phone and email every day.
  • Go to the company doctor or the doctor of the Health and Safety Executive if you are asked to.
  • Are you too sick to come to the company doctor or the doctor from the Occupational Health and Safety Service? Then let the Flexpedia Absenteeism Desk (023-2052408) know as soon as possible.

Can't figure it out?

Do you have questions about your rights and obligations when you are ill? Feel free to ask these questions to the Flexpedia Verzuimdesk: 023-2052408. We will be happy to explain it to you!


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